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Trick-or-Treating is creeping upon us!

While most kids can’t wait to dress up and prowl the neighborhood for candy, Halloween can cause a lot of stress and anxiety for kids with disabilities.

All the lights, masks, crowds, and costumes can be overwhelming.

Halloween may be a bit more challenging for…

In the area of gross motor development, we know that oftentimes, rolling leads to crawling, and crawling leads to walking.

We start with foundational skills and work through a developmental progression.

But what is the progression for fine motor development?

Moreover, what fine motor activities may enhance your toddler’s development?

Fine Motor Skills

Do you need kids Halloween costume ideas that you can DIY or quickly buy?

Maybe your child has special needs and you need a costume for their wheelchair?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, we’ve got you covered!

No matter what your child’s unique abilities are, here…

Visual tracking is the ability in which we focus our eyes to follow a target without moving our entire head.

Independent of head movement, our eyes are capable of working together in all planes, efficiently moving right/left, up/down, and in a circular movement.

This is in addition to the ability…

Can’t stand the tags in your t-shirt? Won’t tolerate walking barefoot at the beach?

Irritated by the person in line next to you who accidentally swiped up against your arm?

If any of these situations sound familiar for either you or your child, it may be your tactile sensory system…

Learn all about flying in this fun read aloud Amazing Airplanes.

Through sing-song rhyme, kids learn all about planes what it’s like to fly from take-off to landing.

The bright, simple, and engaging illustrations make this an easy read to follow along.

Let’s get ready to learn all about planes!

Fidget toys for kids are the ultimate calming tool to help you focus and concentrate.

Does your child have anxiety, ADHD, sensory challenges, Autism, or likes to twiddle things in their hands?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, a fidget toy may be the perfect play tool…

Intensive physical therapy is a powerful form of therapy to help children with developmental delays, traumatic brain injuries, or neurological disorders like cerebral palsy.

You may be wondering things like:

  • What is intensive physical therapy?
  • How is intensive PT different from traditional PT?
  • How does my child qualify?
  • Do I…

Sensory boards for toddlers encourage stimulation of their main senses like touch, sound, and sight.

Plus, it is an entertaining activity to do!

As an adult, we know that finding a toy our precious enjoys while learning is the ultimate slam dunk, right?

With that said, let’s explore…

  • What are…

Body Weight Supported Treadmill Training (BWSTT) is a long fancy name for walking on a treadmill with support.

“Bodyweight supported” is usually done with the help of certain types of equipment (i.e Universal exercise unit, gait trainer, etc.).

Here specifically, are the things I have seen it help with firsthand.

1. Improved Endurance


The Best Therapy Tools for Kids 🤍

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